These are my albums as a soloist.

Q&A Project
(Q&A Project, 2023)

(The Duo, 2023)

JamSet for Christmas
(JamSet, 2012)
(JamSet, 2011)
Music Around
Music Around
(White Rose, 2010)
(Vocintransito, 2009)

These are the albums where I sang as a  guest as a soloist singer

An immense pleasure to share music with esteemed colleagues.

L'ultimo viaggio di Billie

L’ultimo viaggio di Billie
(Reno Brandoni con The Duo, Edizioni Curci/Fingerpicking.net 2020)

Bocis & the Italian Soul Sister
(Alfredo Bochicchio, GBMUSIC 2020)
(Luciano Zanoni, 2015)
Soul Jazz from birth
(Elsa Baldini quartet, 2010)
Where is the song
Where is the song?
(Andrea De Ruta & Paulie, 2009)

And here is a small selection of recordings where I sing as a background vocalist, to satisfy any curiosity.

The River
The River – Both Sides of The Story
(Marco De Angelis, MDA 2013)
Tutta la Vita
(Sandro Giacobbe, SONY/BMG 2006)
Zoo Di Venere
(Zoo Di Venere, Fandango/WEA 2004)
L’Ottavo Nano
(L’Ottavo Nano, EMI 2001)
Il nuovo Concerto
Il Nuovo Concerto
(Al Bano con The Unforgettables, WEA 1998)
Gipsy Legend
(Los Reyes, SONY/BMG 1997)