What they say about me

If you wish to know me better through the eyes and hearts of those who have shared their journey with me, all you have to do is read these words, selected among many and in random order.

Words I will always be grateful for because they mean that the Music was felt.

“The new single from The Duo is a song of delicate beauty. A voice (Sara Berni) and a guitar (Daniele Bazzani) both superfine that give us a song silky for our ears. And given the pleasure of listening, we definitely recommend doing it, first the music, then the words…” (MUSICOFF Where Music Matters, 2022)

“Q&A Project – Sara Berni. This is what we talk about when we talk about Jazz. Wonderful. Ardea badly needs music! Music like that.” (Lucio Zito, municipal councilor, Ardea Jazz Festival, 2022)

“Sara Berni Blues Band is the most interesting Italian Blues band able to create a strong musical identity by reinterpreting the American matrix” (OnStage! Festival, American art festival, 2019)

“Sara Berni’s warm and welcoming voice enthralled the audience at the Off Off Theatre. Sara revisits and rewrites some lyrics, and mixes Soul, Blues, and Rock, moving on stage with an engaging and sparkling energy. Also thanks to the skills of her musicians and to the synergy with her band she is fully able to express what Bntlues means to her. Not only an engaging and talented performer but also a playwrighter and activist for animal rights” (Maria Castaldo, recensito.net on the occasion of the OnStage!Festival 2019)

“Her natural talent for improvising, doing riff and runs, musical variations, and inventing a great deal of new and original melodic ideas has been a great help in realizing my musical vision whenever we worked together. Sara is also very versatile. She applies her strong musical personality in different genres like Pop, R&B, Rock and Urban with excellent results. I couldn’t recommend Sara more highly, musically, professionally, and personally – she is a star singer and a very reliable, wonderful person.” (Daniele Macchi, music director for RDS and Venus Zoo Radio Fandango/WEA, 2004)

“Sara is an exceptionally gifted artist with unique vocal abilities and a personal style that encloses the essence of Soul and Rock music. In the Gospel music project “Vocintransito” I must say that her stage presence and her performances are impressive. She is one of those rare breed people who has everything she needs!” (Aidan Zammit, music director, composer, producer, 2007)

“Vocintransito is truly an excellent CD, a great production, a set of intriguing vocal arrangements and skillful use of the voices linked to a valuable instrumental accompaniment. An album to listen to over and over again for its numerous implications. It is not easy to run over the Traditionals of Spiritual and Gospel without falling into the obvious. The Vocintransito (Susanna Stivali, Desirèe Petrocchi, Sara Berni, Fabiola Torresi, Simona Rizzi) have been able to give a new perspective to these compositions, marking a real novelty in the execution” (score: 9/Album “Vocintransito”/Luca Cricenti, Gospelweb 2009)

“Over the last ten years, Bianca Blues e I 7 Soul has been one of our most successful shows scheduled every month. Sara Berni is certainly the key to this success. Her ability to perform, her vocal improvisation, and her wonderful sense of R&B make this show one of the most requested in the city. I was personally surprised by Sara’s ability to move through different musical styles, such as Gospel and Pop-Rock. She is a serious and professional singer who loves her work!” (Marco Tiriemmi, artistic director of the Italian House of Blues, Big Mama, Rome 2006)

“I met Sara Berni in 1998, I worked as an arranger for TMC TV. Our main goal was to recreate classic 50′-60′ songs in a modern key and with a lot of effort and complexity on the vocal arrangements of The Unforgettables quartet. Sara was the voice most capable of conveying the modern touch we were looking for and beyond, doing it by herself! She often sang solo songs that she had never heard in her life finding the right key every time to leave an exceptional impression. I keep working with her and still feel the same: it’s impossible to not feel when she sings. Her voice is soft, warm, and sensual, even when she gets aggressive, but above all, her true strength is interpreting each song in her style. She is unique!” (Muzio Marcellini, musical director, composer, and arranger, 2007)

“Sara Berni, an unbridled passion for Soul, a love cultivated throughout her life, yet an ever-present Rock vein, in the Rock your Soul quartet she creates a new Soul, minimalist and powerful, without the aid of keyboards, a real Soul /Rock” (The House of Blues 2010)

“A very particular Christmas journey between images and music with Sara Berni and Andrea De Luca, two of the most eclectic and followed personalities of the Italian Soul/Blues panorama, with very particular arrangements, instruments from the world and the irrepressible creativity of a duo who with the mere use of guitars, voices, and hands, seems like a big band” (the newspaper Il Tirreno on the theatrical performance “JamSet for Christmas”, Elba 2011)

“Since 2000, I have considered Sara the most talented of the six soloists and choristers of my 46 orchestra members. She is an exceptional singer with an extraordinary natural talent, a great ear, and a work ethic. Furthermore she is an exceptional figure in the choir and a role model for her colleagues. Sara’s vocal ability is excellent. Her solo performance has a strong stylistic conviction, even though she is also very skilled as a backing vocalist. It is an extremely rewarding experience to work with her.” (Gerardo Di Lella, conductor of the Lino Quagliero/Gerardo di Lella Big Band, 2005)