The Duo

The Duo is my most intimate project.

It is the possibility of expressing the smallest nuance of my voice and my soul. It is the true essence of music and interaction.

From pianissimo to fortissimo, passing through all the colors of our two instruments that form a language so different yet so complementary, Daniele Bazzani and I have created a new concept of interaction between the fingerstyle guitar and the voice, finding our uniqueness.

The video clip of our first single, “What is Love?”, as released, won a nomination for best music video and the first prize for costumes and makeup at the Paris Film Festival 2022. It was a finalist for best music video at the Rome Prisma Film Awards 2022.

Every day I am happy to see how our “whispered” messages inspire and reach out to people so much.

Daniele and I have decided not to promote our songs on free platforms because music needs to regain value and dignity. It needs your listening and presence to live, just as you need it to move, energize, illuminate your days.

So our record is “INTROVABILE” (UNFINDABLE), definitely unfindable.

The emotion, laughter, closeness and exchange possible between you and us in a live concert cannot be captured by any digital technology. Come and listen to us live. Meanwhile this is “What is love”…

Here you can listen to a three songs mashup… “Alchemist”, “Inner Children” and “Surrender”

And now I want to introduce you to the other 50% of the band, although you’ve probably heard a lot about him.

Daniele Bazzani

Acoustic and electric guitarist, composer, arranger, producer.

He has released four fingerstyle guitar solo albums: “Truss Roads” in 2003, “2006” in the same year, “Untitled 2010” in 2010, “Do Not Open – It May Contain Traces Of Music” in 2016.

As a soloist, he has performed on the stages of some of the most important national (Sarzana, Ferentino Acustica, Lago d’Orta, Trasimeno Blues Festival, Pistoia Blues, Franciacorta, Capo d’Orlando blues) and international festivals: in the USA (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society), France (Issoudun Guitar Fest, Champlitte Guitar Festival), Croatia (Rijeka Guitar Festival, Kastav Blues Fest, Krk Guitar Festival), England (International Beatleweek), Scotland and Wales, Greece (Syros Guitar Festival), Holland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary (Euromed Festival), Poland (Slupsk Guitar Festival).

He shared the stage with Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Lukather of the Toto, Louisiana Red, Roberto Ciotti, Alex Britti, Massimo Urbani, Steve Wynn and many others.

His compositions have been used for commercials, theatrical performances and documentaries including one by the prestigious “Istituto Luce”.

He arranged the “Andrea Valeri Eurorchestra” made of 30 elements for the project of guitarist Andrea Valeri whose related record work was released in 2020.

For over twenty years he has specialized in the acoustic duo, playing with some of the most beautiful voices on the national music scene, such as Alessandro Pitoni and Gina Fabiani, before me.

With the Gina Trio he won the Premio Ciampi as “Best Debut Album” in 2008, he published a work on Luigi Tenco with the singer Roberta Rossi, a disc of original songs with the trio The Rival Poets and participated in Sanremo Giovani in 1993 with the band Bestaff and an album distributed by BMG.

He is the worlds’ most prolific author in the fingerstyle guitar field: 10 of his teaching methods for acoustic guitar have been published by

Columnist of the specialized magazine “Chitarra Acustica”; from 2000 to 2010 he was a collaborator of the most important Italian magazine in this field, “Chitarre”.

Endorser of the Elixir strings and a music theory graduate at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, he has been the founder and educational director of the new ScuolacusticA since 2014, dedicated to the study of fingerstyle guitar with institutes throughout Italy.

Daniele doesn’t like talking about himself very much but I can tell you that Tommy Emmanuel, when asked who were the best musicians outside his country, replied: “There is a boy in Italy, his name is Daniele Bazzani and plays well… very well”.

Linda Manzer, one of the most important luthier masters in the world (she built guitars for Pat Metheny and Santana), after asking Daniele to play one of her guitars, greeted him with this sentence: “Daniele, you are one of the most beautiful and refined sound musicians. I’m happy to know you and can’t wait to see you again.”

I end this page leaving you two very famous songs, rearranged in our own way.