I started my career singing in a duo

I am convinced that the best way to train and master tempo (a big worry for singers) and performance in any situation, including bands or studio sessions as a soloists or a background vocalist, is singing in a duo.

That’s why every singer should have a duo or at least practice in a musical duo.

The duo allows you to use 100% of your singing possibilities, dynamics, expression, imagination, and improvisation. It pushes you to always find new solutions to abolish possible boredom, yours and the listeners. The duo teaches you to be perpetually creative and makes you discover what it’s like to really and closely work with a partner.

The duo is a band and should be treated as a band. It’s not improvising, even when you’re a professional. The duo is a real team effort, and it’s a unique and beautiful journey.

The same conclusion was reached by Daniele Bazzani, renowned fingerstyle guitarist and my partner in the project “The Duo” who takes these wonderful masterclasses and workshops dedicated to those who really want to understand what it means to have a duo, make it grow, and grow through it.

Understanding the parameters of singing in a duo means acquiring the ability to perform in any situation, whether it’s a trio, a quartet, or a big band, in the quickest and most effective way. It means mastering the stage without fear or limitations, gaining maximum competence, like a true professional.

In our Masterclasses/Concerts, you will be able to discover how to become the effective half of your musical project, how to build it well from the foundations if you don’t have one yet, or even how to identify the ideal partner.

We teach you how to choose the right songs and how to find the best way to interpret them, we talk about the technical bases and tempo, we reveal the secrets of creating effective arrangements, we take care of the emotional part and the interpretation of the songs, and much much more, so that you can make a difference and emerge.

The Masterclasses are held both in Italian and in English. They are “full immersion” collective meetings of one or more days where you can learn not only from us but also through comparison with others, through mirror exercises, and the performance of songs in front of an audience of insiders.

They are an injection of vitality and energy, they create new connections and knowledge, they help you understand “where you are” and clarify if you have any doubts, improve your performance, and gain more peace of mind on stage.

Ask me if Masterclasses are running at the moment or if you want to organize one in your town or music school.

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Daniele Bazzani and I have created the first and only digital course in the world dedicated to the guitar and voice duo.

We felt the need to give our students tools that no teacher has ever provided before. We felt that there was a huge lack in teaching, something that no private lesson can ever teach.

So we did it: we are the first and only ones in the world to have tackled this form of musical collaboration in such a deep way.

Even Tuck & Patti, the most famous duo in the world, say so. Watch here…

In our digital course, you will find hours and hours of specific video training that will change your life.

It includes all you need, believe me, to become a better singer, up to any situation.

It is an interactive course, with exercises, worksheets, workbooks, played examples, and millions of invaluable pieces of information from the creation of your duo up to the intermediate/advanced level.

It can be yours forever to be able to study at your own pace, and see it, again and again, to grow more and more, staying in touch with us.

Note: at the moment this digital course is only in Italian, we are working on the English version.

Contact me for more informations.