Blues is meditation, soul, love. Blues is transformation.

Blues is the forerunner of Jazz. It is Spiritual that becomes Gospel, and Gospel and R&B that become Soul and Funk. Blues is the origin of black music considered plain but not easy.

Blues is the Master, the master from whom everything descends.

This is why it is essential in my music and in my background.

But Blues is not just a language to sing, made up of indications, parameters and rules.

It’s “having” the blues. Feeling the blues.

I hope my Italian heart can always do justice, with empathy, humility and reverence, to so much music, so much content, so much depth, to a past told by a human community that I feel so close to, even though I haven’t experienced it firsthand.

Blues is man’s ability to talk about terrible things in an ironic way, things that should never have happened and should never happen to anyone.

Blues is telling stories that cannot be told, playing, changing, hiding the words.

Blues is dealing with the external and internal devil, coming out with a smile on your face, no matter what. A smile that is not fiction but understanding and transcendence, melancholy and awareness, irony and denunciation, acceptance and struggle, meditation in being, relief and cure.

Blues is a state of being. Blues is not perfection in execution, but soul and emotion.

Blues is the transformative power of music that takes you away from that remote sense of sadness that belongs to all of us because we are all connected even when we fail to realize it.

Blues is the healing that makes joy flourish again and in joy it even reminds you of melancholy.

Blues is the acceptance that everything is still you.

Made of emotions, beauty, harmony, rebirth.