I’m a crossover singer. This is what I say when they often ask me: “what kind of musical training did you have”? This answer almost seems like an anathema not to be pronounced because it is difficult to understand. Something unknown that “would have little appeal to the public”. So let’s ask ourselves what “crossover” […]


The first time I had the opportunity to constantly let my Soul speak was when I became the frontwoman of “Bianca Blues & 7 Soul”, 11 elements and a wonderful horn section, fantastic Rhythm’n Blues. For almost ten years I touched the evolution of black music with my hand, ears, and voice: from the fast […]


One of the things that struck me the most in life was the phrase of a fellow double bass player I met at a rehearsal session for a new Jazz band. “You are the most Jazz non-Jazz singer I know”. This sentence confirmed the perception of me that I had always had and felt deeply, […]


Blues is meditation, soul, love. Blues is transformation. Blues is the forerunner of Jazz. It is Spiritual that becomes Gospel, and Gospel and R&B that become Soul and Funk. Blues is the origin of black music considered plain but not easy. Blues is the Master, the master from whom everything descends. This is why it […]